Somival : partenaire des territoires, assiste ses clients et partenaires tout au long de leurs projets d'aménagement, de la conception jusqu'à la réalisation, voirez l'exploitation.
Professional ethic of SOMIVAL

Professional ethic of SOMIVAL

SOMIVAL, partner of territories and sustainable development projects.
SOMIVAL is a multi-specialist actor who has a financial base and a significant capacity of resources commitment, while keeping two qualities that are the prerogative of human scale companies: responsiveness and proximity with customers, at the service of their projects.
General policy and business strategy are based on recurrent optimization:
- of management of our business processes (quality commitment),
- of taking into account your needs and constraints (customer respect),
- of the speed of reply to any request (proximity and efficiency),
- of contractual and commercial relationships (independence of SOMIVAL),
- of piloting skills and internal resources (synergy and global approach).
The ethic of SOMIVAL can be recognized in the 3 following principles:
  • Loyalty and honesty.
Information gathered or processed in the framework of our activities are confidential and only accessible by the owner and the SOMIVAL team dedicated to the operation.
  • Integrity.
SOMIVAL, independent company, is proud of its integrity and, in this sense, operates for the exclusive use of its clients. We pledge to not receive any compensation, financial or otherwise, from a supplier of services or materials in connection with our missions. Similarly, we refuse to work on the same operation, both to the owner and a provider of the same operation.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations.
SOMIVAL respects strictly legal and regulatory provisions in force and reserves, in this capacity, the right to refuse some missions.
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Quality and client satisfaction

Quality and client satisfaction
Consulting company turned mainly towards local authorities and SMEs, SOMIVAL is organized around 5 means areas:

  •  studies : consulting and strategy, investment planning, economic, regulatory and technical studies,

  • assistance to the owner,

  • project consultant,

  • mandate and control of operation,

  • operations and operational support.


The constant search for quality in provision of services, that we provide to our clients, is organized around 3 strategic areas:

  • Listen to the client to meet, in a personnalized manner, its current needs but also to its future expectations,

  • Create a lasting and trusting partnership, by associating a multi-disciplinary project team, since the development of the contract until the delivery of material or immaterial project.

  • Being a source of proposals to integrate the future in the quality of our recommendations at the end of each project.


ISO 9001 certification has emerged as a particularly powerful means to demonstrate to our clients that the quality system implemented by SOMIVAL was built, operates and is continuously improved to meet these objectives.

Our Quality Manual reflects the requirements of the Standard in our quality management system.


General presentation of our quality management system

The quality system of SOMIVAL refers to the Standard ISO 9001 version 2000, except the chapter 7.5.2 (validation of production processes and service provision) which does not apply to intellectual services sold by the company.

This quality system applies to all activities of SOMIVAL through following management processes, execution processes and support processes:

• Management processes:

- definition of strategic orientations,

- project management for implementation of Quality Policy,

- impact assessment and continuous improvement.

• Execution processes:

- commercial upstream the 3 processes below,

- studies,

- project consultant,

- assistance to the owner.

• Support processes:

- purchases of services,

- computer maintenance,

- management of human resources (recruitment, integration, training, evaluations),

- access to external regulation and regulatory intelligence,

- invoicing and payments.

These processes are detailed in terms of sequences in descriptive sheets and documented procedures contained in the Quality Guide made available to all employees on the intranet network of the company. Their interactions are detailed in the matrix of the interfaces also attached to the Quality Manual. To ensure the efficient operation and the control of all its processes, SOMIVAL defined and implemented methods and indicators.


- by assigning a Quality Manager and internal auditors trained and with time allocated for quality,

- by anticipating recruitment with a reflection on the needs,

-by implementing an annual training plan significant and targeted,

- by making available to everyone an efficient computer network, a specialist documentary library and experts, specialists in their fields

- by regularly communicating through the internal newsletter,


SOMIVAL ensures the availability of resources and information necessary for the operation and monitoring of its processes, which are monitored, measured and continuously analyzed through:

- internal audits,

- special reviews conducted by processes pilots,

- the monitoring of the indicators scoreboard, filled by the processes pilots and updated by the Quality Manager,

- the monitoring of the scoreboard of preventive and corrective improvements actions updated by the Quality Manager,

- Management Reviews.

It is the Executive Committee wich defines the actions necessary to achieve planned results and processes improvements, knowing that these are the pilots of each of these processes that are responsible for implementation and monitoring of these actions.

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